What is the Mizel Museum?

The Mizel Museum, an educational, nonprofit organization, is Denver’s only museum that addresses today’s social justice issues through the lens of Jewish history and values. We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate diversity and equality and to combat discrimination and hatred. Our programs, events and exhibits address these and other social issues and encourage positive change in our communities.

Our Mission

The Mizel Museum is dedicated to fostering cross-cultural understanding, combatting racism and promoting social justice. We achieve our mission through educational programming, events and exhibits that connect universal Jewish values to the larger world.

Learn more about our educational programs, thought-provoking events and cultural exhibits.

The Mizel Institute

The Mizel Museum is an entity of the Mizel Institute, whose vision is a more educated, conscientious and empowered community. The Mizel Institute is a part of Lion Global Foundation.


The museum is located at 400 S. Kearney Street in Denver, and is open for visitors by appointment only. Please email us at details@mizelmuseum.org or call 303-394-9993 to schedule your visit. We look forward to seeing you!